“Eva’s Mission.” A documentary by Martha Van der Bly


Eva's Mission. Documentary

Eva Schloss (87), one of the world’s last Auschwitz survivors and stepdaughter of Otto Frank (Anne Frank’s father), tirelessly fights against the resurfacing demons of the past in our world today: xenophobia, antisemitism, islamophobia, demagogy and the rise of right-wing parties all over the world.

Eva’s Mission – a documentary by Martha van der Bly – captures her path. It explores the experiences that shaped Eva’s identity, mission and life: from the flight from the Nazis in Vienna, hiding in Amsterdam, betrayal, deportation to Westerbork and later Auschwitz – to her role as a survivor, author of three books (Eva’s Story, The Promise, and After Auschwitz), mother, grandmother, public speaker and human rights activist.

QUESTION: – “Eva, how does it make you feel to see Anne Frank played by a girl who is black? And the role of your father by an Arab actor? To see Jewish, Hindi, Muslim, Christian perform your life story on stage? –  EVA SCHLOSS: ”Well, I don’t see that. I ONLY SEE PEOPLE” – (Eva Schloss, Constitutional Hill, Johannesburg – 16 December 2012)

Even though Eva advocates for other people’s rights she could actually not speak about what she personally has been through for forty years… If you find it important that her voice is heard and won’t be forgotten – become part of Eva’s mission! You can support Martha’s documentary on Cinecrowd.

Should you want to contribute to the film in any other way please email marthavanderbly@gmail.com.

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