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Voices features short but thoroughly researched articles and op-eds revolving around complex peacebuilding, development and human rights related issues.

Far from being victims, women’s networks have led the way in campaigning for peace and justice
While rhetoric on enhancing women’s rights and participation in fragile states is pervasive, de-facto implementation remains slow.
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Virtually Constructing Awareness Campaigns – Restrictions of ‘Viral’ Global Public Discourse #Kony2012
If a global civilian discourse and consequently public sphere ought to exist – it is very exclusionary in its nature.
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In the aftermath of the Fourth High Level Forum in Busan – Reflections on the Effectiveness of Aid
The devil lies in the detail and in the particular case of the HLF-4 the detail is in the word
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Barefoot Soldiers for Social Justice, Food Security and Peace (Sierra Leone)
Peace is food, you cannot have peace when you are hungry.
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Voices to the Youth – ‘We can see the light but we are not working’ (Sierra Leone)
Youth in Freetown are bubbling over with hope for a better life.
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