Welcome to Politics & Voice! This website covers research I conduct on themes related to education, peacebuilding, development, human rights, gender and political agency. In the scope of my work I want to listen to and learn from those who are marginalized from political influence and debates. Doing so, my research and writing is based on data I carefully assembled from numerous interviews, focus group discussions, questionnaires and encounters with people affected by poverty, violence and conflict. Most of my research focuses on sub-Saharan African countries, though I occasionally blink outside that regional box.

While I put a lot of heart and soul into my academic work, with Politics & Voice I want to go beyond that scholarly path and rebel and research with a cause.

The aim of Politics & Voice is to explore various avenues to present, reflect and act upon people’s voices and concerns in developing and/or conflict-affected environments. This ranges from getting involved in small-scale projects on the ground, to research studies for policymakers or blog posts – sprinkled with a dash of art.

Politics & Voice is currently an OWO (One-Woman-Operation) but if you feel your research, writing or artwork should be featured on this site – get involved!