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Voices features short but thoroughly researched articles and op-eds revolving around complex peacebuilding, development and human rights related issues.

Photo collection & commentary by Najeebullah Azad.
The slopes winding up to one of the peaks of Mount Moroto (located in the sub-region of Karamoja in Uganda)
A Ugandan-Congolese Movie.
  Eva Schloss (87), one of the world’s last Auschwitz survivors and stepdaughter of Otto Frank (Anne Frank’s father), tirelessly fights
This month, Pol Art proudly starts off with an image that was part of a 2010 temporary series of installations
Co-authored with Tenywa Aloysius Malagala. How the poor provision of education for the Karamojong affects the community’s ability to advocate
How yoga has proved effective in helping conflict-shattered societies to overcome individual trauma.
While awareness campaigns on modern-day slavery are no longer scarce, our ability not to indirectly support modern slavery through our
On the challenges to eradicate FGM as a broadly accepted practice in many African societies.